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Board of Directors

Jacqueline Caster

Founder and President

Everychild Foundation

Tyrone Parker

Executive Director

Alliance of Concerned Men

Catie Armstrong

Counselor, After-School Program

YMCA of Archdale, NC

Dwayne Betts, J.D.

Author, Attorney, Advocate

Linda Bowen (Interim Chair)

Executive Director

Institute for Community Peace

Marta K. Kahn, J.D.


Private Practice

Dr. Francisco Villarruel, PhD

Professor Family & Child Ecology

Michigan State University

Dr. Jorja Leap, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Social Welfare and Director of Health and Social Justice Partnership


Elizabeth Henneke, J.D.

Executive Director

Lone Star Justice Alliance

Rene Bryce-LaPorte


Bryce-Laporte Information and Counseling