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Marcy Mistrett

Chief Executive Officer, Ext. 1607 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marcy Mistrett

Marcy started her career in juvenile justice in Chicago in the 1990’s, where she worked on youth transfer issues at the University of Chicago Law School’s Mandel Clinic, at the Citizen’s Committee on Juvenile Court, and at the Evanston Community Defender Office as a social worker. She returned to the District in 1998 to work in youth development and community organizing. Marcy spent five years working at the national level with the Institute for Community Peace*, where she provided technical assistance and evaluation support to ten communities who were organizing to prevent violence in their communities. At ICP, Marcy also co-designed three national immersion trainings on community solutions to violence prevention. She was appointed to the DC JJAG by Mayor Anthony Williams, was actively involved in the Blue Ribbon Commission on Youth Safety and Juvenile Justice Reform, and served as a Steering Committee Member of the Justice 4 DC Youth Coalition.

For the past decade, Marcy has been leading education non profits in the District from early childhood through college success. She is excited to join the Campaign for Youth Justice to end the practice of trying, adjudicating and sentencing youth in the adult criminal justice system.

Marcy began as the CEO at the Campaign for Youth Justice in 2014. As CEO, she sets the strategic vision for the organization, provides access to policy holders for those families impacted by harmful transfer policies, ensures a strong governing Board of Directors, manages and develops the staff, and ensures the organization is in good financial standing.