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Alton Pitre

Location: Atlanta, GA/Los Angeles, CA

Alton Pitre

Children who are charged as adults spend months in adult facilities pending trial; many don’t end up with convictions, but do end up with collateral consequences such as gaps in high school education and an adult arrest record. Alton Pitre knows this well; growing up in a gang-ridden neighborhood in Los Angeles, encounters with the police were frequent for Alton. In his neighborhood, nicknamed “The Jungle,” Alton was placed on a gang injunction, which made his encounters with the police even more frequent, eventually leading him to get arrested at age 18 for a crime he did not commit. Alton spent many months contained in an adult unit, disrupting his education and ties with his family. After his charges were dropped, Alton was able to finish his high school education and attend community college. Alton is now a full-time student at Morehouse College as well as an advocate with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition and the Campaign for Youth Justice.

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