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Juvenile Justice News

Our Views: If Louisiana intends to fix its broken juvenile justice system on the cheap, it won't succeed

Oscar Wilde learned a thing or two about corrections as an inmate of Reading jail. He said Queen Victoria treated her prisoners so badly, she didn't deserve to have any. That was a century ago. In theory, society has learned that jails can be institutions of advanced criminal learning for the young. A better and much more cost-effective approach is to separate juvenile justice arrangements and steer the young away from a life of crime.

Out Of Time: The System Failed Kalief Browder, But It Doesn’t Have To Fail Others

Spike TV’s docu-series TIME: The Kalief Browder Story walked viewers through the unimaginable and horrifying experience that Kalief Browder endured at Rikers Island for allegedly stealing a backpack in May 2010. Because of a bag, a faulty identification from the victim, and a vicious justice system, Kalief spent three years of his childhood in the prison system while his case was wrapped up in a number of technicalities and misrepresented information.

Outraged By Kids In Cages? Look At Our Entire Juvenile Justice System.

Last week, the nation witnessed an abrupt reversal from the White House. After claiming for days that he did not have the authority to address the family separation crisis at the border, President Donald Trump appeared to do just that with the stroke of a pen.

Overwhelmed With Zero Tolerance Cases, Prosecutors Have Accidentally Brought Juveniles to Adult Court

As the government struggles to stay on top of the surge in prosecutions of those accused of entering the country illegally, prosecutors are making errors they normally wouldn’t. Prosecutors have let things get to the day of trial before realizing there were problems with key witnesses. Bottlenecks in processing and transportation from detention have resulted in more than 50 cases being dismissed simply because defendants didn’t make it to their hearings in time. In other instances, prosecutors have mistakenly brought juveniles into the federal adult criminal system.

Part 1 of “Young and Arrested”: A Boy in Prison by Age 14

Streetlights glare inside Lieutenant Shane DeJarnett’s white unmarked SUV as he cruises through Pine Hills  past houses, and churches and pedestrians. As Orange County’s nighttime sheriff, DeJarnett keeps a close eye on what is happening in this mixed-income black neighborhood on the west side of Orlando.

Passing ‘raise the age’ measure for juvenile offenders puts Missouri on right path

While there has been much focus, both in the state and nationally, on the status of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, the General Assembly deserves its moment in the spotlight for supporting youth by passing “raise the age” legislation.

The near-unanimous passage this month of SB 793, the so-called “raise the age” bill — which changes from 17 to 18 the age at which youth are automatically charged as adults — will benefit the state’s young people. This is a good decision that is both obvious (better age-appropriate treatment, protection from the extreme dangers of incarceration with adults) and far-reaching (reduced recidivism, increased employment). It will bring with it long-term economic benefits for the state as a whole.

Pensacola City Council passes resolution supporting juvenile justice reform

More than 30 people were at the Pensacola City Council meeting Thursday to show their support for a resolution to oppose prosecuting children as adults.

Pensacola pastor lobbies Tallahassee for juvenile justice reform

A Pensacola man joined a delegation that went to Tallahassee last week to lobby that children don’t belong in adult jails.

People in Charlotte prepare for 'Raise the Age' law

People in Charlotte gathered Saturday to discuss changes to who is classified as an adult in the criminal justice system. North Carolina law says 16 and 17-year-olds are considered adults in the court system.

Philadelphia must stop holding children in adult jails | Opinion

When “J” was 16, he was arrested and charged as an adult. Despite his young age, he was sent to an adult jail, as is the current practice for all youths facing adult charges in Philadelphia and as described in detail in a recent Inquirer and Daily News story. 

Philly’s Juvenile Law Center is joining forces with Teen Vogue

When it launched in February 2003, Teen Vogue became the “it” magazine that millions of tweens and teens turned to for glossy, glamorous content. For the next 13 years, the mag’s pages dealt with such weighty issues as how to find the best nail color for your personality, how to make a boy like you by purchasing $200 clutches, or maybe how Kendall Jenner manages to eat pizza — but still look good!

The Teen Vogue of today is vastly different.

Physicians Have ‘Critical Opportunity’ to Prevent Youth Incarceration, Improve Patients’ Adult Health

Youth and adults who have spent time in prison have distinctly worse health statuses than those who did not, according to research recently published in Pediatrics. One of the study’s authors explained the dual role physicians can play to keep their young patients out of prison.

Poor white kids are less likely to go to prison than rich black kids

Article on The Washington Post

It's a fact that people of color are worse off than white Americans in all kinds of ways, but there is little agreement on why. Some see those disparities as a consequence of racial discrimination in schools, the courts and the workplace, both in the past and present. Others argue that economic inequalities are really the cause, and that public policy should help the poor no matter their race or ethnicity. When it comes to affirmative action in college admissions, for example, many say that children from poor, white families should receive preferential treatment, as well. 

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Preparing for 'Raise the Age'

The juvenile justice system in North Carolina is preparing for a major restructuring, and Wayne County officials are getting ready.

Dozens of Wayne County judicial, law enforcement and education leaders came together at the Maxwell Center Thursday to discuss impending "Raise the Age" legislation which will place 16- and 17-year olds accused of crimes into the juvenile court system instead of the adult system.

Priorities Check: Education vs. Incarceration

“Don’t tell me your values,” Vice President Joe Biden has said. “Show me your budget and I will tell you your values.” If this is true, and I believe it is, then, as a nation, we have to ask some hard questions about how we value education versus incarceration. 

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