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CFYJ Reports

Zero Tolerance: How States Comply with PREA’s Youthful Inmate Standard

Author: Carmen E. Daugherty

Zero Tolerance: How States Comply with PREA’s Youthful Inmate Standard

Zero Tolerance: How States Comply with PREA’s Youthful Inmate Standard. This report explores how states house youth under 18 in prisons in the new age of PREA compliance and enforcement. Furthermore, this report highlights national trends in juvenile arrests, crimes, and incarceration of children in the adult system.

FAMILY Comes First

Author: Neelum Arya

Transforming the Justice System by Partnering with Families Released

FCF2FAMILY Comes First: A Workbook to Transform the Justice System by Partnering with Families, is the the first comprehensive analysis of current family engagement and family partnership practices in juvenile justice systems across the country and provides practical tools and resources for juvenile justice system practitioners invested in undertaking a family-driven approach to juvenile justice. We know that the ability of family members to meaningfully participate in their children’s lives makes a dramatic difference on youth outcomes. FAMILY Comes First provides a framework—The FAMILY Model—to guide efforts to create and sustain meaningful family-system partnerships.

Through literature review, family focus groups and system practitioner surveys, we learned that system stakeholders are working together with families to break down stereotypes and stigma, engage families in individual treatment decisions and larger policy reforms, and prepare youth for productive futures. In the past few years, the juvenile justice field has made major strides in elevating the importance of family involvement to overall system reform efforts. We have come a long way even though we have far to go. FAMILY Comes First fills that gap by providing a clear and intentional guide to transforming the justice system by taking a family-driven approach. 

Click here to download the full workbook. 

Capital City Correction

Author: Alex Peerman, Carmen Daugherty, Ashley Hoornstra, and Shannon Beydler

Reforming DC’s Use of Adult Incarceration Against Youth

Capital City Correction

This report highlights the inadequate facilities, high risk of victimization, use of solitary confinement, long-term consequences of adult felony convictions, and failure to deter future crime as reasons to reform DC's approach to the prosecution of youth as adults by promoting the rehabilitation of young offenders and improving public safety.

Snapshot of National Organizations' Policy Statements on Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System

Author: Jill Ward and Liz Ryan

cfyj snapshotThis policy brief provides an overview of the major policy statements of juvenile and criminal justice system stakeholder groups and professional associations and examples of statements advancing removal of youth from adult jails and prisons and reducing the prosecution of youth in adult court.

Youth Transferred to Adult Court: Racial Disparities

Author: Amanda Burgess-Proctor, Kendal Holtrop and Francisco A. Villarruel

racial disparitiesThis policy brief documents the negative consequences that accompany the practice of trying youthful offenders as adults, both for youth in general and for youth of color in particular.

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