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Policy Reform Briefs

The Campaign for Youth Justice has released several policy briefs highlighting the latest policy statements of juvenile and criminal justice system stakeholders, state policy reforms, and opportunities for reform.  This series showcases the key reasons reforms are underway and provide tools and information for advancing further reforms.

Youth Transfer: The Importance of Individualized Factor Review

CFYJ Youth Transfer BriefThis brief discusses the importance of weighing individual factors when judges and prosecutors consider the transfer of youth to the adult system, as well as recent state-level reforms addressing youth transfer.

Snapshot of National Organizations' Policy Statements on Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System

cfyj snapshotThis policy brief provides an overview of the major policy statements of juvenile and criminal justice system stakeholder groups and professional associations and examples of statements advancing removal of youth from adult jails and prisons and reducing the prosecution of youth in adult court.

Keeping Youth Out of Adult Jails and Prisons: New Opportunities Through State Policy Changes and New Federal Regulations

keeping youth out of adult prisonsThis policy brief captures the major reasons why youth should be removed from adult facilities and provides recommendations for policy reforms, resources and next steps.

Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System

youth in adult criminal justice systemThis policy brief showcases the latest data about youth in the adult criminal justice system, key arguments for reform and recommendations for change.