October is Youth Justice Action Month (YJAM)

  • New Blog: Girls of Color and the Criminalization of Trafficking Survivors
  • Guest Column: Youth Justice Awareness Month- Educational Opportunities that Allow Youth Voice to be Heard
  • Join Us In The Fight to Implement The Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • YJAM 2019 is Coming!

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Since 2009, YJAM has grown every year. Youth, families, students and advocates throughout the country have made YJAM what it is today – a movement to end the prosecution of youth in the adult system.  

This year for YJAM, the Campaign for Youth Justice joins other national organizations and movements in calling for our local communities to A.C.T. to End Racism. Our youth justice systems are infected with racism, racial bias, and racial and ethnic disparities, so we are encouraging all YJAM participants to join us in: Awakening to the damaging effects of racism; Confronting racism in our own lives and work; and Transforming ourselves, our communities, our institutions, and our values to reflect our core beliefs in equity, humanity, and justice for all.

Join us and Take the Pledge to A.C.T. to End Racism, and Sign Up to get involved in YJAM 2019.

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