Engage, Educate, Empower, Elect

Election Day 2018 is November 6. During October 2018, YJAM will focus on the importance of elections in the fight for Youth Justice. Throughout the country, races for everything from School Board to the State House will be in high gear, and the futures of young people will be at stake!

During YJAM, Youth Justice advocates will: 

  • Engage with their communities and with candidates for office, to highlight Youth Justice issues 
  • Educate communities and candidates about the best policies for youth in the justice system 
  • Empower other Youth Justice advocates and stakeholders with the tools they need

After YJAM, on November 6, local communities will: 

  • Elect officials who will work to implement the best policies for youth

This work will involve registering voters, participating in, or even organizing candidate forums or surveys, organizing other events that illustrate the Youth Justice issues at stake, and rallying communities to get involved in engaging with candidates and advocating for Youth Justice.

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