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CFYJ Applauds South Carolina and Louisiana for Raising the Age

Posted in 2016 Press Releases

WASHINGTON (June 15, 2016) --  The Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ) commends South Carolina and Louisiana which have both raised the age at which youth are considered criminally responsible as adults. Last week, Governor Nikki Haley from South Carolina signed bill S 916 into law, thereby from 17 to 18. She was followed yesterday by Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards,who also signed into law a bill that raises the age of juvenile jurisdiction from 17 to 18. South Carolina and Louisiana now join 43 states and DC who consider keeping the vast majority of youth in the juvenile justices system.

“We applaud South Carolina and Louisiana for raising the age of criminal responsibility, a smart policy decision, supported by research that will both improve public safety and outcomes for youth.  We believe the juvenile justice system is best prepared to address the needs of children under the age of 18 by providing access to age appropriate services such as education and trauma informed care,” said CFYJ CEO Marcy Mistrett.