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  • 2019 Legislative Reforms After Raise the Age

    2019 Legislative Reforms After Raise the Age

    Since 2016, five states, Louisiana, South Carolina, New York, North Carolina, and Missouri, have passed laws to raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to age eighteen.  Now, only four states remain with lower ages of juvenile court jurisdiction without laws to raise the age in the near future.

  • Challenging Lengthy Sentences for Youth Prosecuted As Adults in Illinois

    Challenging Lengthy Sentences for Youth Prosecuted As Adults in Illinois

    Brian Harrington was fourteen-years-old when he was prosecuted as an adult in Illinois and sentenced to twenty-five year under the state’s truth in sentencing law. 

  • Free Masonique

    Free Masonique

    On December 7, 2018, an undercover Columbus Police officer shot and killed sixteen-year-old  Julius Ervin Tate Jr. in a sting operation. The police allege that Tate pulled a gun on one of the officers during their exchange, but that claim is under dispute. A week later, the police arrested sixteen-year-old Masonique Saunders, Tate’s girlfriend, for aggravated robbery and the felony murder of her boyfriend. 

  • A.C.T. to End Racism

    A.C.T. to End Racism

    Many activists and organizers are well versed in the ways that structural racism drives unfair outcomes for youth who come in contact with the law.  It is well documented that despite a near 60% drop in youth incarceration and continued falling arrest rates that in many places racial and ethnic disparities are increasing despite reform efforts.

  • Weekly Legislative Roundup

    Weekly Legislative Roundup

    CFYJ would like to introduce our Weekly Legislative Update. The update provides a look at the most recent legislation that has been introduced in states across the country concerning youth prosecuted as adults.

  • If Not The Adult System, Then Where?

    If Not The Adult System, Then Where?

    Campaign for Youth Justice would like to introduce our newest report, “If not the adult system then where?” This report is the first in a series that aims to shed light on the numerous effective alternatives that exist for young people who have been charged as adults outside of the adult criminal justice system.

  • Clemency with Brian Harrington

    Clemency with Brian Harrington

    Brian Harrington, incarcerated as a youth, sits down to discuss his impending clemency hearing on April 11th. Brian documents his experiences and the harsh reality of being 14 years old and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Help us in shedding light on Brian's story by listening, sharing, and engaging in the best ways to help.

  • How Social Workers Help Keep Youth Out of the Adult Criminal Justice System

    How Social Workers Help Keep Youth Out of the Adult Criminal Justice System

    March is Social Work Month.  This month we thank and celebrate social workers across the country for the incredible impact they have on the most vulnerable youth and adults in our communities.  

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Elimination Act (PREA). PREA is a federal law enacted to address the
problem of sexual assault and rape in U.S. detention centers, jails,
lock ups, and prisons.

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