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Report of the Attorney General’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence

Robert L. Listenbee, Jr.; Joe Torre; The Rev. Gregory Boyle, SJ; Sharon W. Cooper, MD; Sarah Deer; Deanne Tilton Durfee; Thea James, MD; Alicia Lieberman, PhD; Robert Macy, PhD; Steven Marans, PhD; Jim McDonnell; Georgina Mendoza; Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba

* Note information on reforming the JJ System starts on page 171

The vast majority of children involved in the juvenile justice system have survived exposure to violence and are living with the trauma of that experience. If we are to fulfill the goals of the juvenile justice system — to make communities and victims whole, to rehabilitate young offenders while holding them accountable, and to help children develop skills to be productive and succeed — we must rethink the way the juvenile justice system treats, assesses, and evaluates the children within it.