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How Will Your State Handle Youthful Inmates? PREA Deadline Today

Posted in 2014, Take Action Now Thursday, 15 May 2014

How Will Your State Handle Youthful Inmates? PREA Deadline Today

Today, Governors across the country will certify whether the state is in compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and make assurances to the Department of Justice that the state will use federal resources to come into compliance with PREA.

Each year, an estimated 100,000 youth enter into adult jails and prisons. Each year we receive dozens of letters recounting the pain, anguish, and heartache from prisoners locked up before the age of 18. Many like Burt, below, have witnessed what being locked up in a box can do to a person:

Many, like Ameen, have witnessed the brutality towards youth, and know first hand the vulnerability of being a child inside a prison.

There really is no excuse for keeping children in adult jails and prisons. Join us in ending this practice and demand that Governors comply with PREA's Youthful Inmate Standard by removing ALL youth from adult jails and prisons.

Sign the petition TODAY! Already signed it? Share with your networks, friends, and families. Help us reach 500 signatures by tomorrow.

And follow the conversation online: