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Posted in 2014, Take Action Now Monday, 12 May 2014


This week on, May 15th marks the certification date for the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), and the CFYJ has been pushing for transparency and compliance with the Youthful Inmate Standard (YIS). The YIS was created to protect youth in adult jails, prisons, and lock ups and we are anxious to see how states will comply with this standard. With your help, it will become clearer to all of us what states are doing and how they plan to safely and humanely detain youth in adult jails/prisons. Our hope is that they realize that the safest and smartest plan is to simply remove youth completely.

We need your help to make it a week of action! Below is a list of coordinated actions for this week:

MONDAY, MAY 12th: Please share this action alert with your networks, families, and friends, and encourage them to sign our petition, here. Please also visit our website, and blog, for video content, infographics, and sample social media messages to use throughout the week.

TUESDAY, MAY 13th: CFYJ will post a blog post which highlights the dangers of keeping kids in the adult system. Please share on your twitter/facebook pages. Additionally, we are asking all groups to send out tweets to your state Governors. We have created sample messaging which you can find here. We have collected signatures and will send out letters to Governors asking for removal of youth in adult facilities this day.

WEDNESDAY, MAY14th: CFYJ will post another blog to share on your facebook/twitter pages. And ask for the petition signing to continue. Our goal is to collect 100 signatures from each of our targeted states. (MI, LA, PA, FL, MD, NC, NY, MO, SC, NV, GA) Help us meet that goal.

THURSDAY, MAY 15th : PREA CERTIFICATION DEADLINE. CFYJ will issue a press release and urge the media to pick up on your individual states. We are asking all groups to change their facebook pictures to one shared infographics, as well as send "letters to the editor" to your local newspaper, found here:

FRIDAY, MAY 16th: Final blog post and next steps to monitor PREA compliance.

We are happy to work with you for our, "There's No Excuse" Week of Action. Thank you in advance for urging your followers/partners to take action.