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YJAM 2014: CFYJ Introduces "Sharing Your Personal Story"

Posted in 2014, Take Action Now Monday, 06 October 2014

YJAM 2014: CFYJ Introduces "Sharing Your Personal Story"

October is Youth Justice Awareness Month (YJAM), and is an opportunity for communities, families, youth, and allies to host community-led actions and events to raise awareness about the consequences of children in the adult criminal justice system.

One of the primary ways CFYJ raises awareness about the injustices that young people face while involved in the adult criminal justice system during YJAM, and throughout the year, are through stories. CFYJ believes that personal stories put a relatable face on the people and families that are in the criminal justice system, shattering stereotypes and misconceptions about what our justice system is or is not. A story can affect change.

As part of YJAM 2014, CFYJ is pleased to release our newest publication, “Sharing Your Personal Story: A Guide for Youth and Families on How to Share their Experience With the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems”. This publication is a resource for people who have had experience as minors in the adult criminal justice system, and want to share from their own personal experience. This publication is also intended for educators, trainers, and facilitators to use as a study guide for groups of people who desire to educate and influence through sharing personal experiences.

Once lawmakers, media, general public and community hear about the experiences of youth and families within our justice system, their perspective changes. They are inspired and motivated to change policies and laws that address the way we treat our children and youth. They can also just develop a different frame of reference of those impacted by our criminal justice system. Sharing your story can have a positive and direct impact on the treatment and outcomes of other youth and families in the criminal justice system.

We ask that you please share this publication with someone who has a story to share about his or her personal experience as a kid in the adult criminal justice system, or as a family member of an incarcerated youth. If interested in additional information on sharing personal stories, spokesperson training, or how to become active in CFYJ’s Spokesperson Bureau, please contact, CFYJ’s Communication Director, Aprill Turner, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additionally, here's are other ways you can get in on the action this October for YJAM:

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Thank you for helping to make YJAM 2014 a success!