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Contact Information

The Juvenile Justice Coalition (JJC) is a state-wide advocacy organization that works with Ohio youth who are at-risk of involvement or involved in the juvenile court system.  JJC works mainly through policy advocacy and advocating with youth and families.

Primary Contact Name: Aramis Sundiata 
Position: Executive Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 614-400-5548

Website: http://jjohio.org/ 


Bill Number: SB 337

Type of Reform

Detention Reform - Created a presumption that youth who are in the process of being transferred to adult court and youth under the juvenile court’s extended jurisdiction (i.e. youth ages 18-21 who do not receive new charges, but violate their parole) remain in juvenile detention facilities instead of being placed in adult jails.

Year: 2012

Bill Number: HB 86 

Type of Reform

Transfer Reform – Applied reverse waiver to youth under a strict set of circumstances and allowed those youth to go back to the juvenile court to receive a hearing to determine whether they could be eligible for juvenile sentencing. Also allowed mandatory transferred youth who are eventually convicted of a lesser offense in adult court to return to juvenile court for an amenability hearing to determine whether the youth can be rehabilitated in juvenile court.

Year: 2011


Bring Youth Home: Building on Ohio’s Deincarceration Leadership (2015)

This report examines Ohio’s de-incarceration efforts and innovation with regard to reducing youth incarceration and analyzes how this experience can inform other jurisdictions’ conversations about developing new or reexamining existing de-incarceration strategies.

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Falling Through the Cracks: Update (2013)

This brief provides updates to earlier reports and includes information on recent Supreme Court cases, recent changes in federal and Ohio law, and updated statistics on children in Ohio’s adult courts.

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