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Contact Information

Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform (VCJR) is a non-profit educational and advocacy organization established in 2013.  By means of community organizing, political education, leadership development, media work, coalition-building, and legislative advocacy, VCJR highlights specific and general issues--hyper-incarceration of poor people, racial disparities, shipping men out of state to for-profit prisons, issues with probation and parole, juvenile justice and more.

Primary Contact Name: Tom Dalton
Position: Executive Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 802-503-0601
Website: https://www.vcjr.org/ 
Twitter: @v4cjr 


Bill Number: S 232

Type of Reform

Raise the Age Reform - Legislation to implement Raise the Age to 19 in 2020 and then to 20 in 2022.

Year: 2020

Bill Number: S 133

Type of Reform

Transfer Reform - Provided that youth who are traditionally statutorily excluded from juvenile court for twelve serious felonies may instead have their case filed directly in Family Court as youthful offenders by a prosecutor.

Year: 2019

Bill Number: S 234

Type of Reform

Transfer Reform - Created an opportunity for a reverse waiver for youth charged with specific serious offenses.

Year: 2018

Bill Number: S 23

Type of Reform

Raise the Age Reform - Extended the definition of a child for purposes of juvenile judicial proceedings to include individuals under the age of 22. Extended youthful offender protections to individuals under the age of 22.

Year: 2018

Bill Number: H 95

Type of Reform

Direct File Reform – Ended prosecutorial direct file.

Year: 2016