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  • Bill Number: SB 367- WIN

    Type of Reform

    Bill Number: SB 367- WIN

    Type of Reform: Raise the Floor. Transfer Reform.  This bill raises the minimum age of transfer of youth to adult court from 12 to 14. It also removes existing presumptions that a youth should be tried as an adult if they are a certain age and are charged with an offense that is a certain severity level. It limits the types of cases that can result in extended juvenile jurisdiction to cases involving off-grid felonies or non-drug severity level 1 through 4 person offenses. The bill also removes the burden of proof from the juvenile and instead requires that the state rebut the presumption that a juvenile should be tried and treated as a juvenile by a preponderance of the evidence. Finally, the bill removes the presumption that a youth will be transferred to district court if there is probable cause that a felony has been committed as well as the presumption that once a youth has been convicted as an adult they must be treated as an adult in all future prosecutions.

    Year: 2015

  • Bill Number: HB 2336 - WIN

    Type of Reform

    Bill Number: HB 2336 - WIN

    Type of Reform:  Jail removal. This bill allows youth ages 16 and 17 who have been prosecuted and convicted as adults to be placed in a juvenile correctional facility. Before this change in the law, youth who were prosecuted and convicted as adults were not eligible for placement in a juvenile facility. The decision to place a 16- or 17-year-old in a juvenile facility or an adult facility is within the discretion of the secretary of corrections, who notifies local sheriffs and judges, where youth are placed.

    Year: 2015


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