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Contact Information

The Juvenile Justice Coalition (JJC) is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving Ohio’s juvenile justice system – from prevention through youth in adult court – for youth, families, and communities.  JJC’s mission is to promote effective programs, equitable treatment of youth, and public policy that will reduce juvenile delinquency in Ohio. JJC has focused on two policy areas of encouraging community-based alternatives to institutionalization and reducing minority   overrepresentation in the juvenile justice system.

Primary Contact Name: Amber Evans
Position: Executive Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 614-400-5548
Website: http://jjohio.org/


  • Bill Number: 86 – WIN!

    Type of Reform

    Transfer Reform - Reverse waiver applies to youth under a strict set of circumstances and allows those youth to go back to the juvenile court to receive a hearing to determine whether they could be eligible for juvenile sentencing. And, allows mandatory transferred youth who are eventually convicted of a lesser offense in adult court to return to juvenile court for an amenability hearing to determine whether the youth can be rehabilitated in juvenile court.

    Year: 2011

  • Bill Number: 337 – WIN!

    Type of Reform

    Detention Reform - creates a presumption that youth who are in the process of being transferred to adult court and youth under the juvenile court’s extended jurisdiction (i.e. youth ages 18-21 who do not receive new charges, but violate their parole) remain in juvenile detention facilities instead of being placed in adult jails.

    Year: 2012


  • Bring Youth Home: Build on Ohio’s Deincarceration leadership

    Bring Youth Home: Build on Ohio’s Deincarceration leadership (2015) examines Ohio’s deincarceration efforts and innovation with regard to reducing youth incarceration, and analyzes how this experience can inform other jurisdictions’ conversations about developing new or reexamining existing deincarceration strategies.

  • Resolution Opposing the Placement of Ohio Youth in Adult Court and Adult Facilities

    Resolution Opposing the Placement of Ohio Youth in Adult Court and Adult Facilities (2012) exemplifies the importance of reform in its state. These hopes include the reduction of the number of youths incarcerated in the adult justice system and complete removal, differentiation of sentences on the account of the development of youths versus adults, and proper rehabilitation. It also mentions the consequences that children face before and after officially being incarcerated.

  • Juvenile Detention Reform in Ohio

    Juvenile Detention Reform in Ohio (2012), by Children’s Law Center Inc., Children’s Defense Fund and Kids Count is one that refers to the successful process the state of Ohio has made over the years and further contributions that have and will be added in its improvement. This includes different detention alternatives such as the collaboration of committees within communities and new objectives of data and analysis resources. The reform also ensures Ohio's future prospective for the state such as creating an oversight system, assistance, and accountability for juvenile detention facilities.

  • Falling Through the Cracks: Update

    Falling Through the Cracks: Update (2014) by Children’s Law Inc. examines data and presents analysis on youth who are put through the adult justice system in Ohio as well as the entire nation and provide Supreme Court cases to their justifications. In addition, they present stories of youths who had the personal experience of transferring and provide new information about Ohio Courts. Lastly, they assert recommendations such as specific context of youth being tried and the types of changes that would apply to these.