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Contact Information

ACLU Nevada works to protect the rights and liberties of all Nevadans through lobbying on legislation and regulations, litigating, and educating the public.

Primary Contact Name: Holly Welborn
Position: Policy Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: 775-786-6757
Website: http://www.aclunv.org/
Twitter: @ACLUNV
Facebook: @ACLUNV


Bill Number: AB 449

Type of Reform

Study/Detention Reform - Created the Legislative Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice and directed the Committee to evaluate and review various issues relating to child welfare and juvenile justice in Nevada. Section 1 of this bill required the Committee to conduct a study during the 2019-2020 interim concerning juvenile detention in Nevada. Section 2 required the Nevada Department of Corrections and each local and state institution or facility for the detention of juvenile offenders to present certain data, trends and other information to the Committee to assist the Committee in conducting the study required by section 1.

Year: 2019

Bill Number: AB 202

Type of Reform

Detention Reform - Allowed youth who have been transferred to adult court to request placement in a juvenile facility prior to sentencing.

Year: 2013

Bill Number: AB 237

Type of Reform

Transfer Reform - Raised the threshold age at which a child may be certified as an adult under presumptive certification from 14 years of age to 16 years of age. 

Year: 2009


Youth Confinement in Nevada: Facility Assessment and Recommendations for Housing Youth Sentenced as Adults (2018)

This report by the ACLU of Nevada, in consultation with the Campaign for Youth Justice, discusses the detrimental effects of housing youth who are certified as adults in adult jails in the state of Nevada.

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